“Kamchatskiy krai” weekly newspaper review, № 44, 9 November 2011

15.11.2011 16:21:25 (GMT+12)

“Kamchatskiy krai” weekly newspaper review, № 44, 9 November 2011
ELLECTIONS FOR LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF KAMCHATSKIY KRAI – 236 CANDIDATES PRETEND FOR 28 POSITIONS. Two thirds of them are included in party list of 5 regional departments of political parties; they will fight for 14 party positions in regional parliament.

CITY OF MILITARY GLORY – last Thursday, on the 3rd of November  RF President Dmitry Medvedev signed the edict of conferring the title “The city of military glory” to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy.

“THE THEATRE IS FOR LOVE…” – stage director Vladimir BORODIN adapts a new stage play “Restless spirit” in Kamchatskiy regional theatre.

HOT FLAME OF COLD WINTER – folk band “ANGT” is celebrating 10 years anniversary.

ENAMORED WITH BOARD – surfboarding and snowboarding in Kamchatka are now taught at school … of extreme sports.

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