Dog-sledge race “Berengia” in Kamchatka will become not only a sports event

05.10.2011 11:42:29 (GMT+12)

Dog-sledge race “Berengia” in Kamchatka will become not only a sports event. This was discussed at the meeting held on September 30 and headed by Valentina Bronevich, Deputy-Chairman of the Government  of Kamchatskiy krai.

In 2011 the preparation for the traditional winter event will start with cultural and organizational arrangements.

In November 2011 the photo exhibition “Berengia - dog-sledge race” is planned in Moscow. The organizer  is “Kamchatka Expedition Club “Berengia”. The exsposition will display the works by Viktor Gumenuk (Petropavlovsk-Kamchtskiy), Oleg Smoliya (Moscow) and Lorcher Andreas (Germany).
Here it is planned to show “Mission of Berengia” film.

At the meeting it was noted that the traditional dog-sledge race “Berengia” will be able to give an impulse to sledge-dog breeding in Kamchatka, will preserve and restore the traditional way of living and unique culture of indigenous  people  of North.  

Dog-sledge race “Berengia” has been held in Kamchatka since 1990 within the framework of the Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People, under UN’s auspices.

Since 2010 “Berengia” has got the status of Kamchatskiy krai official festival. It is held under the patronage and with the assistance of the Governor and Government of Kamchatskiy krai. 1,5 mln. rubles were allocated from krai budget  to organize and hold “Berengia” in 2010. 2,5 mln. rubles more are allocated by the traditional partner of the race“«Koryakgeoldobycha – Social Partner of the Koryak Autonomous Okrug».

(Poluostrov Kamchatka).