“Kamchatskiy krai” weekly newspaper review, 28 October 2011

29.09.2011 10:20:50 (GMT+12)

“Kamchatskiy krai” weekly  newspaper review, 28 October 2011
- Kamchatka is deprived of resource – at the krai fishery council meeting they summarized fishing season and discussed the littoral zone situation as well as korf-karaginsky herring fishery.

- TROUBLE CONQUERORS – on September 21 in the Mohovaya bay the seine-boat “Donets” gave the nuclear-powered submarine “Saint George the Conqueror” the stem.

- BUCKWHEAT, RICE, MEAT AND FISH FROM CHINA – whether this and other China food is dangerous for our health? Interview with Natalya Zhdanova, head of the Kamchatskiy krai Rospotrebnadzor (Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare) department.

- “SAWDUST” IN THEIR HEADS – investigators charge “AKROS” with illegal Chionoecetes opilio (snow crab) fishery.  Probably, C. opilio exists just in their minds?

- AUTUMN GIFTS TO KUTKH – dance marathon became the peak of “Alhalalai-2011” festival:  winners have danced for 16 hours 10 minutes.

- ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS – not to die but to recover and live happily.

- WARM AND LIGHT – Kamchatka is absolutely ready for heating season; provision of gas supply is in process.

- THEY RESCUED PEOPLE FROM BLAZE – Two Kamchatka firefighters Ilya Melnikov and Aleksandr Zotkin were rewarded with Russia EMERCOM medals “For Courage In A Fire”.

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