100 tons of salmon, 56 tons of red caviar confiscated in Kamchatka

29.09.2011 05:49:46 (GMT+12)

Over 100 tonnes of salmon species and more than 56 tonnes of red caviar were confiscated in Kamchatka during a fishing season of Pacific salmon last summer, the press service of the north-eastern border service of the Federal Security Service Coast Guard told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.

Some 83 individuals and 70 officials were brought to responsibility. The fines reaches 767,000 roubles and 491,000 roubles were already levied from the violators.

The salmon fishing season ended in Kamchatka on September 13. Some 251,620 tonnes of precious species of fish were poached off the peninsula in all types of fishing, including amateur and sport fishing. The share of industrial enterprises exceeded 247,800 tonnes of fish. The 2011 level of catches “reached the historical maximum during the whole period of monitoring for fishing (on Kamchatka) since 1906,” minister of the fisheries in the Kamchatka Territory Vladimir Galitsyn said.