Exercise in elimination of tsunami aftermaths begins in Kamchatka

28.09.2011 08:04:42 (GMT+12)

A command post exercise in eliminating the aftermaths of a tsunami has begun in Kamchatka.

Under the scenario of the exercise, a devastating killer wave hits the eastern – Pacific – coast of the Peninsula.

A spokesman for the press service of the Kamchatka territorial branch of the Ministry for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (EMERCOM) told Itar-Tass it received a report at 08:00 hours local time (20:00 hours GMT Monday) that the tsunami had hit the town of Ust-Kamchatsk located some 520 kilometers to the northeast of the regional capital Petropavlovsk-Kmachatsky.

The rescue services immediately launched the efforts to inform the population, to step up collaboration and data exchange with all the units of the regional system for elimination of emergency situations.

As the exercise moves on to the town of Zaozyorny, a suburb of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, the rescue services will simulate the practical steps to render help to the victims of the natural calamity, to evacuate people from the calamity-stricken areas, to clear the ruins of buildings, and to put out fires.

The drill under the topic named ‘Organization of Control over Forces of the Territorial Subsystem in Charge of Eliminating the Consequences of Earthquakes on Tsunamis on Kamchatka’ is part and parcel of EMERCOM’s comprehensive plan of main events and it winds up the cycle of similar exercises held in different parts of the Kamchatka territory and the Sakhalin region in 2009 and 2010.

The progress of the exercises is monitored by EMERCOM’S regional center.

Similar drills are to be held Tuesday in the Primorsky (Maritime) territory and the Sakhalin region.