Damaged nuclear sub safely arrives for repairs

28.09.2011 08:01:57 (GMT+12)

A Russian strategic submarine of the Pacific fleet which sustained minor damage when a fishing vessel rammed into it in the Avacha Bay safely arrived to the navy base in Vilyuchinsk on Kamchatka for repairs, spokesman of the fleet Roman Martov told Tass on Friday.

The St. George the Victor nuclear submarine of the Delta III class sustained light damage to its outer hull late on Tuesday when the Donets fishing ship was maneuvering to avoid collision with the Kormchy fishing boat and did not notice the anchored and surfaced sub. Nobody was injured and the submarine’s nuclear reactor was not damaged.

Martov said preliminary investigation suggested the crew of the Donets fishing vessel was to blame for the collision, as they were reportedly drunk and ignored radio and warning signals.

The St. George the Victor submarine has been in service with the Russian Navy since 1980.