Russia’s Far East reports record high salmon catch

08.09.2011 12:48:35 (GMT+12)

Russia’s Far East has reported a record high salmon catch this year, according to the information made public at a meeting of the fishing headquarters chaired by Federal Fishing Agency chief Andrei Krainy.

As of September 5, the Far East caught 465.6 tonnes of salmon, slightly more than in the record high year of 2009, the press service of the Sakhalin region government said. The Kamchatka territory reports the highest catch of salmon – 248.6 tonnes.

The Sakhalin region also demonstrated good results catching 185.6 tonnes of salmon. The highest catch rates of salmon were registered in the eastern part of Sakhalin, while the Aniva Bay and the Southern Kuriles, rich of salmon in the previous fishing years, had practically no fish.

Salmon caught in the Far East was taken to western regions of the country not only by rail, but also by sea.

Krainy pointed to successful shipment of two refrigerators with salmon to St. Petersburg by the Northern Sea Route.

“It’s very important that we break the monopoly of transporting salmon species from the Far East to the country’s central part,” he said. “This will exert a positive impact not only on fish pricing, but also on eliminating excessive administrative barriers en route to Russia’s store shelves.”