There appeared the second edition of the local history yearbook "Kamchatka chronicler»

01.03.2013 07:15:38 (GMT+12)

There appeared the second edition of the local history yearbook "Kamchatka chronicler»
Presentation of historical and local lore second edition of the yearbook "Kamchatka chronicler" took place in Petropavlovsk. The presentation was attended by students, researchers, librarians, historians and Chief Editor and compiler of the book of the naval school teacher, historian, Member of the CGTP Union of writers of Russia Sergey Gavrilov.

The second issue of the Yearbook "Kamchatka chronicler" includes four headings. The first leafing «through yellowed pages» - is devoted to the beginning of the Russian - Japanese relations. Rubric «remembered» continues to list the dead into the sea, launched the first collection, and includes biographical information about some of the workers of the fishing industry and maritime transport fleet in Kamchatka.

Rubric "The history of North-East Russia" contains the author's article, reviewing the usual presentation of the route of Vladimir Atlasov. Also includes articles that reflect the economic, social and political situation and the living conditions of the population of our city in the 60-ies of the last century.

There are materials about the life and work of the first Kamchatka scientist and naturalist Procopius Trifonovich Novograblennov under the heading "history of Kamchatka".

This publication is designed for museum professionals, historians, graduate students, students and anyone who is interested in the history of development of the North-East of Russia and Kamchatka.

Translator: Yuri YAKIMENKO.