There was opened an art exhibition "The land of Kamchatka" in Moscow

22.01.2013 07:25:34 (GMT+12)

There was opened an art exhibition "The land of Kamchatka" in Moscow

There was opened an art exhibition of works by artists of the Kamchatka Land on 10 January in Moscow in the Central House of artists in Hall 17.

"Kamchatka Land is a truly amazing land. It is a place where interlace turbulent mountain rivers, where volcanoes are smoking and geysers are boiling, where live kind and friendly people, "said Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin opening the exhibition. We can appreciate the beauty of Kamchatka only after seeing her, feel the harsh northern temper. Let this exhibition to bring you many pleasant feelings, fond memories about the Land for those people, who already has visited Kamchatka and wish to visit this Land for those who had not yet had a chance to visit Kamchatka".

This exhibition is held for the first time. There are 140 paintings and drawings by artists of Kamchatka. Among the 25 authors there are - Vyacheslav White, Yuri Gricienko, Suren Ghazaryan, Kirill Kilpalin, Victor Trishkin, Vitaly Shokhin and others.

Most of the works available there are devoted to nature. On the canvases there can be seen most different corners of the Peninsula: the northern towns, regions of Koryak area, "home" volcanoes, Avacha Bay.

Translator: Yuri YAKIMENKO.