The Governor of the Kamchatka region took part in the ceremony, at which President Vladimir Putin spoke to the Federal Assembly

13.12.2012 23:09:53 (GMT+12)

Commenting on the annual appeal of the head of State, Vladimir Ilyukhin noted that Vladimir Putin has supported the development of the Far East. The President reiterated that the Far East is a priority for the development of the country. It is very important for people from Kamchatka to feel that support. Today people of the Far East, and especially the Kamchatka, are experiencing great problems relating to transport accessibility. On the one hand, we are strategically important region for Russia, an outpost of the country in the Pacific. It is located within the province of the country, the defense shield-base nuclear submarines through Kamchatka passes the Northern sea route. However, the development of transport links with the peninsula today requires huge funds. That’s why orders relating to the development of the Northern sea route, ports, aviation which president expressed in his message are very important for us.

In General, I would like to mention a social trend. Wage growth in the public sector, the development of school education, a change of approach to improve the quality of medical services, employment opportunities. It is all very important for people.

Separately I want to touch on demographic policies and actions support for families with many children raised by Vladimir Putin. Kamchatka program supporting large families actually work. Since last year we've put in Kamchatka Land maternity capital payments to families who have a third and subsequent children was born, began to provide them with land plots. As a result for this year, the number of large families have increased by almost a quarter. People feel support, know that the State will help them.

Translator: Yuri YAKIMENKO.