Governor’s state reception “stars of the Kamchatka sport“ was held in Kamchatka.

10.12.2012 17:27:45 (GMT+12)

Governor’s state reception “stars of the Kamchatka sport“ was held in Kamchatka.
There was the state reception of the Governor of the Kamchatka region on the 7th of December, devoted to wrapping up the outcome of 2012, "Kamchatka sports stars." Prominent Kamchatka's athletes, coaches, fans, active sports enthusiasts gathered in the big Hall of the sports complex “Star”.

Kamchatka Governor Vladimir Ilyukhin thanked sportsmen and their coaches for their enormous contribution to the development of the region, stressing that they create sport perspective in Kamchatka. After all, the successes and won medals are an incentive for the authorities to create comfortable conditions for training. In his speech the head of the region focused on prospects for development of sports infrastructure in the Kamchatka region.

He noted that the ski lodge “Frosty” will earn a modern lift to the next sport season. On another ski lodge "Edelweiss" will start installing snow cannons, lighting systems and four new lifts. A new cableway and the ski base for athletes will begin to build up on the ski slopes of “Red” Mountain.

There will be a modern lightning system to the main winter sports event – Fatyanov’s Memorial at the biathlon complex. “And in a year we will start to build an Ice Palace in the area,” - said Vladimir Ilyukhin. He also expressed there will be a new sports complex in the near future in Elizovo.

The head of the region presented awards to the best athletes and coaches for their significant contribution to the development of physical culture and sport, for their high sports achievements.
Today there are more than 50 sports. 27 of them got State accreditation.

Translator: Yuri YAKIMENKO.