Kamchatka governor instructed to consider the possibility of opening regular flights to Japan

27.11.2012 21:36:52 (GMT+12)

Kamchatka Territory governor Vladimir Ilukhin instructed profile Regional Ministry to consider of opening  regular direct flights between Kamchatka and Japan in terms of research and analysis of potential passengers and pricing.

“The Japanese side has a great interest to Kamchatka and Japanese business community is focusing attention on the establishment of direct air links with Kamchatka.” – said Vladimir Ilukhin. “There should be organized a flight to Tokyo or Niigata on a regular basis and he added that it should be done for summer tourism season”.

Vladimir Ilukhin discussed the question of establishing an air bridge between Kamchatka and The Rising Sun country during a working visit to Tokyo, where he was within the official Russian delegation.

“The direct air service between Kamchatka and Japan is a step forward bilateral mutually beneficial cooperation.” – informed Vladimir Ilukhin.” Japan is ready to make investment projects in Far East including Kamchatka as well”.

Translator: Yuri YAKIMENKO.