Delegation of Kamchatskiy krai started for Republic of Korea

03.04.2012 10:39:15 (GMT+12)

Officials of Kamchatka will tell about investment potential of the region in South Korea. This event is organized at the invitation of the Trade Mission of Russian Federation in Republic of Korea and the Ministry of economic development of Russian Federation.

In view of the fact that Republic of Korea is one of the main external partners of Kamchatskiy krai, the presentation will serve additional incentive for further development of business relations and realization of joint investment projects.

At the presentation the Government of Kamchatskiy krai is planning to represent complex projects in the sphere of energetic, housing and utilities infrastructure development, and creation of ski resort on the territory of the region.

Official delegation of Kamchatskiy krai includes tops of the Government of Kamchatskiy krai responsible for realization of the directions for the development of the region in the sphere of represented projects, representatives of the Legislative Assembly of Kamchatskiy krai and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, and initiators of investment projects. Official delegation is headed by the Governor of the region – Vladimir Ilukhin.  

The partner of the presentation from Korean side is corporation KITA dealing with the development of international business relations.

Within the framework of the presentation holding it’s also planned to carry out task meetings with the management personnel of mountain skiing complex “Konjiam”, to visit techno park “Kyongi do”, different industrial and energetic companies, and also to take part in ceremony of Annual Award “First Russian-Korean Business awards” which is bestowed to the most active participants of business relations from Russian and Korean side.

Official delegation will stay in South Korea till April 10, 2012.