Tourist flow in Kamchatka increased three times

03.11.2016 10:48:12 (GMT+12)

Tourist flow in Kamchatka increased three times
Developing of tourism in Kamchatka Kray and promoting of tourist cluster “Paratunka” included in PDA “Kamchatka” were discussed at the meeting in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky headed by Alexander Galushka, RF Minister of Developing Russian Far East.

The Minister noted positive dynamic of tourism in the region. Only for 2015, tourist flow in Kamchatka increased over three times: from 59 thousand people in 2014 to 184 thousand people in 2015.

According to Gevork Shhiyan, the Head of Tourism and Foreign Contacts in Kamchatka Kray, it is going to increase the tourist flow up to and over 200 thousand tourists. It is also planning to increase the number of foreign tourists from the USA, China, Japan and Korea.

Alexander Galushka supposes that entering 8-days electronic visa for foreigners will facilitate the development of tourism. The work of the necessary bill is completing now. It will be taking about half a year to practice this mechanism since the bill passing. “We hope that electronic visa for foreign citizens will appear next year”, - he said.

The Minister mentioned that it is necessary to stimulate rivalry in the industry and adjacent spheres, for example, air service. It will help to increase the service quality and reduce the cost of tourism in the region.  The offers of attracting new air carriers in Kamchatka were considered. Translated by Marina Barannik.