Authority and business of Kamchatka continue to improve investment climate in the region

26.10.2016 11:59:27 (GMT+12)

At the regular meeting in the Government of Kamchatka Kray entrepreneurs brought up the issues of enterprise registration, granting license of public health for private organizations and others.  

Special Department of investment climate improving was created in Kamchatka in accordance to the commission of the President of the Russian Federation issued at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum last year.

“At this meeting we have discussed the results of the National Rating of Investment Climate in Russian Regions, according to which Kamchatka did not have very good results last year. We have reviewed these issues in more detail in order to understand what was done by the authorities and how it influenced on business,” – said Marina Subbota, the Deputy Head of the Government of Kamchatka Kray.

Translated by Marina Barannik.