The International Forum “Eco-informative tourism” was opened in Kamchatka

09.09.2016 11:52:26 (GMT+12)

The International Forum “Eco-informative tourism” was opened in Kamchatka
The International Forum “Eco-informative tourism: problems and prospects of the Far East development” was opened in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky on the 8th of September.

The guests of distinction were representatives of China, India, Japan, Republic of Korea, the USA and the visitors from other Russian regions.

The Governor of Kamchatka Krai Vladimir Iluhin noted, that the amount of those who desires to visit Kamchatka is growing. Responding to demand for tourism the Government of Kamchatka Krai actively works for creation of necessary infrastructure.

According to the specialists, the stream of tourists wishing to visit Kamchatka will be growing. Mechanism of protection of region’s natural resources is one of the main topics at the Forum.

“We are interested in new technologies of infrastructure construction, storing and recycling of waste and some in ecology field. Our guests have made some suggestions and taken an interest in collaboration”, - said the Head of Tourism and Foreign Contacts in Kamchatka Krai Gevork Shhiyan.

“During the meeting with the Governor Vladimir Iluhin, we determined those fields in which it is necessary to develop close contacts between Kamchatka and China – they are tourism, fish industry, logistics and transport. From our point of view, we have all conditions for collaboration right now and we are ready for realization of new projects”, - said the Deputy of Consul General of China in Vladivostok Chzhou Khun’yu.

Translated be Marina Barannik.