International yacht port construction starts in Kamchatka

21.06.2016 17:04:43 (GMT+12)

International yacht port construction starts in Kamchatka
International yacht port construction started in the seaport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The first stage of construction has started. According to the plan, this year there will be the reconstruction of administrative building and the preparation of ship-way for winter dockage of yachts and small boats.

Before the end of June "Development Corporation of Kamchatka" will lift the fishing boat "Snigerevo" from the sea bottom with the help of contractors. Without it the reconstruction will not be possible.

The Corporation has started searching for specialists who will develop and submit projects of architectural future of the international port. The project must include 150 docks for yachts and speedboats, sites for their maintenance, business-zone for travel companies and souvenir shops, exhibition centre and museum, walking paths for tourists and local citizens. The possibility of restaurant and hotel construction is being discussed.

In prospect, according to the plan of Advanced development territory project "Kamchatka", close to the yacht port there will be a place of cruise liners anchorage. As a result, by 2020 tourist traffic will increase from 7 thousand people to 200 thousand.

Translated by Ksenia Skotnikova.