Gold of Kamchatka restores salmon population

19.05.2016 17:03:13 (GMT+12)

Gold of Kamchatka restores salmon population
Gold of Kamchatka (Zoloto Kamchatki) has released 2 million pieces of young chum salmon into the rivers of the region. It is a traditional ecological event aimed at restoration of aquatic bioresources of Kamchatka.

Young fish was farmed at Paratunsky experimental fish hatchery.  Environmental protection specialists of Gold of Kamchatka were supervising the processes of weighting and releasing young fish. Release of young fish is one of the numerous ecological events held by the company. The general director of Gold of Kamchatka, Viktor Radko, emphasized the importance of such activity: "Yes, we use mineral wealth, actively extracting gold, but we do realize where we do it. Fish is the main wealth of the region, that is why our priority is to preserve it".

This year Gold of Kamchatka will continue ecological activity aimed at salmon population restoration.  At the end of May the company will release more young fish into the rivers of the region.

Translated by Ksenia Skotnikova.