"The Valley of Geysers" exhibition in schools

16.05.2016 13:10:26 (GMT+12)

"The Valley of Geysers" exhibition in schools
More than 700 schoolchildren and teachers of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky visited travelling exhibition "The Valley of the River Geysernaya: preserve and show".

The exhibition consists of five sections and shows many beautiful sides of The Valley of Geysers. The pictures show geysers and hot springs which have disappeared as a result of a big landslides in June 2007 and January 2014. The unique geyser structures, that can't be seen from the observation points,  are clearly visible in the pictures. There is also a section with the pictures of flora and fauna of The Valley of Geysers.

"The work of professional photographers and cinematographers is a great contribution to nature preservation. Our archive has pictures made by world-famous animal photographers. Because of their volunteer work we can show the world of wild nature of Kamchatka for millions of people - through the albums, books, postcards, installations and exhibitions like this one", said Tikhon Shpilenok, Director of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.

Translated by Ksenia Skotnikova.