Kamchatka celebrates Victory day

10.05.2016 15:25:52 (GMT+12)

Kamchatka celebrates Victory day
People of Kamchatka region celebrated Victory Day.

On May 8th there was a ritual ceremony in memory of the fallen in The Great Patriotic War.

Victory Day military parade took place on May 9th on the main square of the city. There was the “Immortal regiment” movement. People were carrying portraits of their fathers and grandfathers who fought fascists in 1941-1945.

Photo: http://www.poluostrov-kamchatka.ru/pknews/photos/detail.php?ID=4854

Photo: http://www.poluostrov-kamchatka.ru/pknews/photos/detail.php?ID=4857

Translated by Ksenia Skotnikova