Russian company plans to resume direct flights to Alaska

15.01.2012 21:01:52 (GMT+12)

Russia’s Vladivostok-Avia regional airline is planning to resume in summer direct flights between Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky in Russia’s Far East and Anchorage in Alaska.

Direct flights to Alaska stopped in 2005 because of the dwindling passenger turnover but the recent revival of tourist business in Russia’s Far East sparked a new demand for convenient air transportation services.

“The flights will be carried out once a week from July 12 to September 13,” a spokesman for the Kamchatka Territory government told RIA Novosti on Friday.

“The air travel will target American tourists who are interested in hunting and fishing tours,” the official said.

Local authorities estimate the demand for bear hunting and salmon fishing on the Kamchatka Peninsula at about 2,500 individual tours per season. Each tour could cost up to dozens of thousands of dollars, depending on the variety of activities.

Kamchatka residents will also benefit from the resumption of direct flights to Alaska as the growing number of local students become enrolled at U.S. high schools and universities, and the regional business exchanges are on the rise.

(RIA Novosti).