Kamchatka. Results-2011: economic development

28.12.2011 13:22:46 (GMT+12)

Positive dynamics of social-economic development is marked summarizing the results of 2011 in Kamchatskiy krai.

The volume of generated regional gross output in Kamchatskiy krai in 2011 is evaluated at the level 111,8 billion rubles with increase by 3,3% as against 2010.  Increase is provided by growth of the volumes of industrial production (120%), fishery (109,7%), agriculture (100,5%), retail turnover (101,9%), communication service (105,2%), investment in basic capital (102,5%).

Industrial production index in 2011 to the level of 2010 is 120%.FISH INDUSTRY

In manufacturing activities the volume of shipped goods of domestic manufacture is evaluated at the rate of 31 billion rubles (110%). Increase is provided by growth of the volumes of fish products processing and ship repair works.  

Fish products release, including canned fish, is 642 thousand tons (109%). In the structure of released products production of recycled products, frozen fish release and products of special dressing is enlarged. In 2011, for the first time in Russia, fish products of producers of Kamchatka were delivered to the central regions along the North Sea way. Three vessels with fish products of Kamchatka enterprises on board delivered approximately 20 thousand tons of Pacific salmon to Saint-Petersburg. Cost-efficiency of organization of Far East fish products’ transit to Europe along the North Sea way is confirmed.  
Growth of production in fishing industry in 2011 is 109,7% to the level of 2010. Fish and sea products catch is evaluated at the level 979,4 thousand tons. Increase is provided by record-breaking salmon catching for the whole modern history of fishing as well – 252 thousand tons are caught, as initially estimated budget system of Russia will receive additionally more than 200 million rubles tax. According to the results of the year Kamchatka will remain the leader in fish catching in Russia.


By estimate foreign trade turnover (not taking into account services) is 765,2 million US dollars in 2011. The volume of goods’ export is evaluated in the amount of 598,1 million US dollars (94,8% to the level of 2010), the volume of goods’ import is 167,1 million US dollars (132,1%).
The bulk in the volume of goods’ export will still be formed by fish products (89-91%). Ore export is evaluated at the level 39,1 million US dollars (72,0% as against 2010). Ore export decrease is connected with drop of prices for this commodity section by 30% on the average and general decrease of ore extraction volumes as well. Metals and metal manufactures export is evaluated in the amount of 10,5 million US dollars. Bunker fuel export is 1,2 million US dollars.

In goods’ import structure predominance of fuel and energy goods, cars, equipment and transport facilities will be kept, beside both commodity sectors in the total volume of goods’ import will be in the range of 40-42%.

Almost all the volume of export and import operations of Kamchatskiy krai will be made with the countries outside CIS (99,5%). The main trading partners of Kamchatskiy krai will still be China, Korea, Japan, and USA.


Total volume of investments to capital stock in 2011 is evaluated to the extent of 33,226 billion rubles with account of investment activities of the subjects of micro-entrepreneurship and the volume of investments not observed by direct statistical methods, that will be 102,5% in comparable prices to the result of 2011.

The volume of investments to capital stock per capita in 2011is expected at the level of 103,7 thousand rubles against 91,5 thousand rubles in 2010 (71,1 thousand rubles in 2009).

Estimating volume of investments to capital stock takes into account continuation of influence of the state on the investment process. The main role in this case is given to such instruments of direct involvement of the state into investment activity as budget expenses of investment character for realization of federal purpose-oriented programs.

Financial borrowing of foreign investors continued for support of real sector of economics of Kamchatskiy krai and for development of priority trends of the region. Foreign investments’ arrival into economics of the region is evaluated to the extent of 40,2 million US dollars in 2011that is higher than the level of 2010 (33,4 million US dollars). This data suppose injection of foreign investments into enterprises, making exploration and geophysical work and also into enterprises the main kind of activity of which is mining operations, fishery and fish-breading.

The main countries-investors, which invest considerably, are traditionally Canada and republic of Korea.

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