Russia to station 7 floating nuclear power facilities in remote areas

27.11.2011 07:23:57 (GMT+12)

The Russian nuclear energy concern Rosenergoatom is planning to deploy seven floating nuclear power plants in inaccessible areas in Russia until the year 2020. Two of them with a capacity of 70M Megawatt each will be located in the east of Russia, and the others will be stationed in western Russia, said Rosenergoatom Deputy director Sergei Zavyalov on Thursday. Zavyalov attended a ceremony of signing a memorandum on cooperation between Rosenergoatom and Kirovsky Zavod Company.

The document aims to promote joint fulfillment of projects in the field of nuclear power engineering at sea, Zavyalov said.

Rosenergoatom and its partners have outlined promising guidelines for long-term cooperation, such as the establishment of a cluster of such facilities on the territory of St.Petersburg and development of industrial cooperation for their batch construction, a Rosenergoatom representative said.

A head floating nuclear power plant named Akademik Lomonosov which is being built by the Kirovsky plant at present is planned to be stationed in the town of Vilusinsk, the Kamchatka region. The construction is planned to be complete in 2014.