A largest regional school for 400 pupils will be built in Esso village

25.11.2011 11:26:50 (GMT+12)

A largest regional school for 400 pupils will be built in Esso village of Bystrinskiy district. The corner stone and a capsule with appeal to descendants in the sub foundation of the future general education school were laid by the governor of Kamchatskiy krai Vladimir Ilukhin and the chairman of Legislative Assembly of Kamchatka Boris Nevzorov on weekends.

“Building of a new school or of a kindergarten in a village is always a great holiday. Especially here, in Esso, where this problem has been quite pressing for long years. Necessity of a new big construction project escalated long time ago. One bulk of the old school was closed several years ago, and the pupils are now taking shelter in one small building”, - the governor of Kamchatskiy krai Vladimir Ilukhin noted, starting a grand ceremony.

The chairman of Legislative Assembly of Kamchatka Boris Nevzorov stressed importance of this construction project for municipal education, speaking at the grand ceremony. “My congratulations to all of you. We couldn’t allocate funds in the budget for the building of this object. Now owing to well coordinated work of the deputy corps and the Governor, local executive authority and deputies in the parliament from Bystrinskiy district we finally managed to do it. We managed to provide for 182 million rubles in the budget to commence construction of the school. Besides we provided for funds in the budget for building of the first apartment house in Esso for the recent years. We allocate money for building of winter snow road Anavga i- Palana. I’m sure that Bystrinskiy district will develop. By joint efforts we will strive for this pearl to flourish”, - emphasized Boris Nevzorov.

“New school building start in Esso is a very meaningful event for all Kamchatka, - noted the governor of Kamchatskiy krai Vladimir Ilukhin. For the first time for decades finally we start building new social objects in remote populated areas. A vast building program is got underway now in Kamchatskiy krai. Kindergartens in Petropavlovsk, Kozyrevsk and Elizovo are in start-up complex. Reconstruction of a kindergarten in remote northern village Ayanka is going to the end.

Next year by the beginning of school season a school in Ozernovskiy village will have been handed over. In 2013 an integral educational complex will be handed over in Ust’-Haryuzovo where there will be a school, a kindergarten and a boarding school”. Vladimir Ilukhin noted that great changes in our krai would be connected with realization of populated areas’ improvement program – on the order of a billion rubles is allocated in the budget 2012 for these purposes.

“I wish strongly young happy families to live in the villages of Kamchatka, I want them to grow children and enjoy life. And we together with the Legislative Assembly will do everything for life in Kamchatka to be comfortable, people to be provided with job and to receive deserving salary, citizens of Kamchatka to be happy”, - said Viktor Ilukhin.

("Полуостров Камчатка").