A dairy farm for the "Reserved land of Kamchatka"

29.03.2021 02:35:09 (GMT+12)

A dairy farm for the "Reserved land of Kamchatka"
Last week the Development Corporation of Kamchatka signed a support agreement for the investment project “Building of a dairy farm for up to 100 heads of cattle in the village of Shumny” initiated by the “Ozernovsky fish canning plant #55” JSC. It’s planned to build it on the territory of the tourist and recreational cluster "Reserved land of Kamchatka"("Zapovednaya Kamchatka").

Local residents will get jobs on the farm. It will provide dairy products to the guests and the staff of the cluster. The enterprise itself is supposed to become an object of agritourism in the end. Estimated investments in the creation of the farm will amount to about 100 million rubles.

To support the project, the Development Corporation of Kamchatka organized a meeting between the executive director of JSC “Ozernovsky fish canning plant #55” Kirill Volkov and the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Processing Industry of the region Vyacheslav Chernysh. During the negotiations they discussed possible directions of state support for this agro-industrial enterprise.

An expert analyst of the Corporation Marat Ziyatdinov who is also the project curator, visited the land where the future farm is supposed to be build. The project management think over the possibility of using land in the vicinity of the Shumny and Pauzhetka villages for grazing and harvesting fodder.

Some other Kamchatka entrepreneurs are interested in the "Reserved land of Kamchatka" project.