It is planned to create a Nephrology Center in Kamchatka

28.02.2020 16:14:07 (GMT+12)

It is planned to create a Nephrology Center in Kamchatka
A company plans to create a private Nephrology Center in Kamchatka. The project investor is the Russian branch of METAKO LPP holding, whose head office is situated in London.

“The Nephrology Center, which can be placed close to the existing regional hospital, in conjunction with the existing capabilities of regional medicine, will provide specialized assistance to all residents of the peninsula with kidney diseases. A number of such high-tech healthcare facilities have already been created by the British Medical Company in some other Russian cities. The point is that they work in close contact with state medicine and in the frames of the compulsory medical insurance system, ”says Anton Shilko, the project initiator and Kamchatka nephrologist with extensive experience.

The implementation of the Kamchatka Nephrological Center project involves the construction of a two-story building. On the ground floor there will be ambulatory reception rooms and a renal replacement therapy department. On the second floor - a hospital with 15 beds and some medical offices. The project involves the creation of a Department of Surgery. The medical and technical staff of the center will be about 25 people. Anton Shilko intends to attract experienced nephrologists from other Russian regions to work in Kamchatka, creating attractive social and professional conditions for them.

The investor assumes the supply of modern diagnostic and medical equipment on lease or on other preferential terms.