New runway in the main airport of Kamchatka

02.06.2016 12:52:48 (GMT+12)

New runway in the main airport of Kamchatka
The new runway №1 is ready in Elizovo airport after a major reconstruction. The celebration on putting into operation the main object of the airport was on June 1st.

The runway №1 was taken out of service in 1978. The question of its reconstruction has been discussed for 20 years. The work started in spring 2012. About 12 billion rubles from the funds of the federal budget were spent on the reconstruction of the airport.

During the reconstruction the workers have completely dismantled the old runway surface, replaced the ground 2 meters deep and placed durable concrete layer 40 cm thick. The runway is 900 meters longer now (from 2,5 km to 3,4 km).

A runway is a complex engineering and technical construction which increases safety and regularity of flights. The new runway enables landings and takeoffs of almost all types of aircrafts without restrictions.
The new runway is built based on seismic requirements, using modern technologies. In addition to the new runway there was made the reconstruction of a passenger terminal, aircraft parking areas, taxiway, air-traffic control tower, emergency station, diesel fuel boiler. Radio equipment, navigation and runway-lighting systems were installed.

The first flight to take off from the new runway was Aeroflot on Boeing-777-300 to Moscow.

Translated by Ksenia Skotnikova.