Winter sports in Kamchatka

19.04.2016 16:34:24 (GMT+12)

Winter sports in Kamchatka
International competition "Avacha Ski Marathon 2016" took place in Kamchatka. The competition got its name because of the close proximity to an active Avacha volcano. The event is very popular among tourists.

462 Russian sportsmen and some sportsmen from Italy and Finland took part in the competition.

There were 3 races. The main race was 60 km long. Minor Avacha Marathon and Junior Marathon (for boys and girls aged 15-17) were 30 km long.

There is one more event for ski race fans. On April 23 one of the most extreme ski races, Mutnovsky Ski Marathon, will take place in Kamchatka.

Translated by Ksenia Skotnikova