The participants of “Beringia-2017” went off to the starting line in Esso

03.03.2017 08:10:54 (GMT+12)

The participants of “Beringia-2017” went off to the starting line in Esso

The preparations to the official start and continuation of the sled dog race “Beringia-2017” is underway in Kamchatka. Currently, the organizing committee has brought the mushers and dogs to the village of Esso and is delivering necessary goods to the checkpoints at the race route.  

Buses with the mushers and special cars for transporting dogs has already arrived to the place of start. The goods are delivered by helicopters, trucks and snowmobiles.

The great part of goods is dog’s food. This year 6 tons of salmon, over a ton of venison and dry feed are provided for them.

The mushers from Chukotka are thoroughly prepared. They have brought whale and walrus meat and seal’s fat. Their dogs are accustomed to such feed.

Tasty and substantial food (including sausages, stuffed cabbages, varenyky, pelmeny and different sweets) as well as all necessary things for the rest are provided for the mushers.

For security reasons all dog sleds are equipped with GPS-navigators. It will also enable any spectator to follow the position of his/her favorite musher.

The race will start on 5 March.

Photos: Press Office of the Governor and the Government of Kamchatka Kray.

Translated by Marina Barannik.

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